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Energy Efficiency Assessments with Australia's Leading Assessor

If you're in the process of building a new house, completing renovations or underway with extensions, you’ll be required to get what is known as an 'energy efficiency assessment' for your building project. Energy efficiency assessments are a requirement of local councils in order to obtain a building permit; pivotal to the progress of your build.

House energy ratings are often organised through the architect or builder, however, the efficiency and quality of service can be sub-optimal and cause major time delays in council approvals. As an individual, you are within your rights to independently request an energy efficiency assessment.

What is involved in an energy efficiency assessment

There are a number of energy efficiency assessments maintained throughout Australia and depending on the council and requirements of your build, will be required to obtain a certain type of assessment.

One of the most common assessment methods, the 6 Star method, typically involves the modelling of your design using specialised thermal modelling software. From this constructed model, the software calculates how much energy would be required to heat and cool the home to a comfortable temperature over the time period of a year. This energy level is then converted into an energy efficiency rating or 'star rating'. Based on these ratings we can offer areas for improvement or optimisation in your design. 

How long does the assessment process take?

The exact details and processes required for each type of assessment will vary as efficiency standards are administered by different governing bodies throughout Australia. Assessment methods provided by Thermarate include the 6 Star method, VURB method, VUSV method and the Elemental Provisions Method.

Thermarate is an Australian business and proud to be local. All assessments are completed in house and do not involve third party offices, be that international or local, meaning no outsourcing, no unnecessary delays, and no inconsistencies.

Specialising purely in energy reports, Thermarate is the fastest in the business. It’s not a sub-service of a major corporation or a side business of an entrepreneurial tycoon, Thermarate is dedicated to producing high-quality energy efficiency reports. Thermarate assessors are all professionally trained with dual accreditation with ABSA and BDAV, and hold Certificate IV in NatHERS Assessments. This focus ensures that Thermarate assessors are at the forefront of industry developments across all available assessment methods, saving money and time with a cost-effective service.

As Australia’s leading provider of energy efficiency assessments, Thermarate prides itself on the quality of work and timely provision of reports. Typically, all energy reports can be completed within a 24 hour period to the same quality and standard that you’d expect of any industry leader.

What’s required for an energy efficiency assessment?

Thermarate offer a simple, friendly service that allows anyone, including homeowners, to engage with us and carry out an energy efficiency assessment. All that we require to execute an efficiency report are complete architectural drawings of your build in a PDF format.

Keys on siteplansArchitectural drawings should include:

  • Site plan (indicating North)
  • Floor plan
  • Elevations
  • Sections (if available)
  • Details (if available)
  • Electrical Plan (if available)
  • Specifications (if available)

You can put your faith in Australia’s leading energy efficiency assessors to take care of the rest. Thermarate will expertly assess your building’s potential at a high standard and fast turnaround at an excellent price. If you’d like to speak to one of our professional staff about requesting an energy assessment for your home build, please get in contact for a no obligation quote via our online form.