About Thermarate

Australia’s leading provider of energy efficiency reports

Established in 2000, Thermarate is an innovative company dedicated to providing quality energy assessments and design advice to builders, architects, designers, home owners and building certifiers. With a focus on achieving the highest possible ratings for clients with fast turnaround times, Thermarate is Australia’s premier energy rating firm.


As Australia’s leading provider of energy efficiency reports, Thermarate has established a strong national presence, providing energy reports in all Australian states and territories. Thermarate are professionally recognised accredited assessors.


Although the energy efficiency provisions are constantly changing and developing, Thermarate is at the forefront of the latest energy efficiency regulations. Continuous industry training, extensive building experience and using the latest sophisticated software tools ensures that Thermarate has the capability to provide an energy assessment for any type of project in any location throughout Australia. Thermarate's team of experienced assessors are able to provide:

  • House energy rating reports using FirstRate5, BERS Pro & AccuRate
  • BASIX Reports
  • Deemed-To-Satisfy (DTS) Reports
  • Section J Reports


Thermarate is proud to maintain complete independence from manufacturers, suppliers and builders. Thermarate subscribes to a professional code of practice, and is dedicated to providing objective, accurate and impartial advice.

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